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Telecom Fiji: Bringing Fijians into the Future

Telecom Fiji: Bringing Fijians into the Future

Telecom Fiji showcased its network transformation plans for the future alongside presentations by support partners Cisco and nCinga at the Telecom Tech Connect event held last week.

The event was aimed at educating Fijian industries and businesses on the impact and implications that digital transformation would have in the future and showcase how upcoming products and solutions by Telecom’s partners could help with that.

Telecom’s Network Transformation presentation highlighted how far the company has come since its early days as a landline provider to becoming the primary ICT provider in the country.

“Telecom, a 100% Fijian owned company, is the largest ICT provider in the Pacific and we want to ensure that we maintain this status by staying up to date with the technological advances which happen at a very fast rate in today’s globalised world,” said Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar.

Future plans include increasing the national footprint of their Gigabit Fibre network as well as eventual plans to bring speeds up to 1 Gbps to help support tech-forward initiatives like the Internet of Things and Smart homes.

“We want to set the foundation for the future of ICT in Fiji. Everything is digital now, in all aspects of life,” said Setareki Daulako, Telecom’s National Sales Manager (Government). “We want Fijians to be able to enjoy the same standard of service that is internationally available. Through our Gigabit fibre networks, people are now able to access ultra-fast internet at the same speeds of countries like Australia and New Zealand.” “We have the vision to connect even remote and maritime schools to fast internet so that future generations of young Fijians benefit.”

Singapore based ICT company, nCinga, which provides backend support for Telecoms networks, spoke on how businesses could streamline and optimise their digital enterprises for the future.

This was followed by technology giant Cisco showcasing its new line of products including their Webex collaborative suite and Umbrella security solutions that Fijian businesses could utilise.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions and provides core network infrastructure for Telecom.