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Give your business the competitive edge with our smart business add-on services.


No matter your business, we understand that it’s competitive out there. Our range of smart business services will keep you one-step-ahead of the competition. Our add-on services work seamlessly alongside your day-to-day operations, ensuring your business runs even more efficiently and effectively, giving you a competitive edge.


Virtual Mail

No need to build and support your own email server, our virtual mail POP maintains the server and provides technical support. This is the perfect solution for your business to have an online presence, without having to invest in any costly information technology infrastructure.

Our Virtual Mail Drop Service delivers emails to a single mail box, where you can then collect all emails from the CONNECT mail server and distribute it within your organisation. The mail server can be a machine-dedicated to pick up emails utilising versatile mail server software – Mail Daemon.


Web Hosting

Web hosting allows your business to post a website or web page on to the internet. We provide the technology and services needed for the website or webpage and host your website on servers.



The CONNECT domain – allows you to have professional looking email addresses. These emails are POP emails and as long as you have an internet access, you can view your emails online or download them to your computer or any handheld device.



Panda Security products include security solutions for your business and provide protection tools for systems, networks, emails and other private information for system management and control.

Static IP

When a username is assigned a static IP address, it does not change. The username always has the same IP address whenever it connects to the internet. Most username use dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned by the network when they connect. These IP addresses are temporary, and can change over time.


Smart Link

Smart link allows you to link together your business offices telephones (office, shop and warehouse) and save on calls between offices meaning there’s no need for an expensive switchboard and operator.


Learn more about our range of additional services, each designed to support better business.



Voice2Email is the perfect solution for businesses that are spread over various locations. Enjoy prompt delivery of voice messages from customers in an audio file to your email account. This enables you to make crucial decisions, to boost your business and increasing efficiency levels.

Key Features:

  • Simple & convenient.
  • Manage all your messages and access them from a single point anywhere in the world.
  • Link business telephone lines together within an area (same exchange only).
  • Each telephone line is assigned a 2-digit extension & calls within extensions are free.

Meet Me Conference

Conferencing allows you to meet with clients, both locally and internationally on daily basis, helping you to speed up business decisions. With no need for external meetings, this service also cuts travel costs and increases productivity, saving time and money.

  • Web based bookings.
  • Efficient collaboration.
  • Cost-control.
  • Increases productivity.

Our Meet Me Conference service enables customers to book meetings online and informs them of successful bookings with an automated generated email including the user access cost and security code.

Video Conferencing

Decrease operational costs with our video conferencing service by eliminating long distance calling charges. The application of web and video conferencing in sales allows account executives to meet with more customers, faster, and at less expense. Connecting with your customers more frequently can lead to increased customer retention.

  • Record Conference calls and download for free.
  • Register and track participants.
  • Incorporate PowerPoint presentations.
  • Host live Q & A sessions.


Internet Protocol Television, more commonly known as IPTV, allows channels to be multicast via your IP network without fear of reduction in picture quality or loss of service.

  • Standard and high definition formats supported.
  • Internationalisation and localisation support.
  • Automatic bit rate error and signal quality monitoring.
  • Web based user interface.
  • Remote system diagnostics and performance monitoring.
  • Outputs all subtitling, languages, DVB system information, DVB Programme Service Information.
  • Support for all common DVB-CI encryption formats including Mediaguard, Irdeto, Viaccess.
  • Inputs include DVB-S/S2/C with and without CI, DVB-T/T2, HDMI with HDCP, Analogue (RF & CVBS), ATSC/8VSB, ASI, SDI and Stream (MTPS, Internet Radio).

Digital Signage

Digital signage has a number of benefits over traditional static signs. It can be updated through a digital signage network without having to interact with the signs physically. And unlike the content on static signs, the multimedia dimension offered by digital signage makes content more engaging, more informative and more targeted.

Digital signage can also be interactive through touch screen technology and other interactive technology and other interactive technologies.

Flight Info

Ensure you have quick, easy and accurate access flight information. Flight information is refreshed on the screen every 5 minutes, so you know the exact departure or arrival time of a flight.

  • Real time Flight Status – departures and arrivals.
  • Convenient scheduling of hotel airport pickup and drop-off.
  • More professionally information is presented.
  • No more hassle and inconvenience for the hotel staff.

Fiji Flights

Fiji Flights app provides you with up-to date flight information for all international flights to and from Nadi International Airport.

  • View flight date/time.
  • View flight status.
  • View flight estimated arrival/departure time.

Fiji Flights application is available on Google Play.

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