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Connect X

What is Connect X?

Connect X is Telecom Fiji’s new family of ADSL/VDSL high speed internet plans for home users. Connect X uses the telephone line and ADSL modem to deliver internet to your home. There are different plans with different data caps to suit light to heavy users.

What speeds can I expect on Connect X?

Download speeds are between 10Mbps to 20Mbps and upload speeds are up to 1Mbps. Your speed is also determined by the condition of the telephone line, the distance from the Telecom Fiji exchange and the location you are in.

Where is Connect X available?

Connect X is available in all towns around Fiji, but you must be within 5km from a Telecom Fiji exchange or roadside cabinet.

What do I need for Connect X service?

You need a working computer, a telephone line and to be located within 5km from the Telecom Fiji exchange. If you don’t have a telephone line, one will be installed for the service.

Where can I sign up for Connect X service?

You can sign up at any Telecom Customer Care at Suva, Nausori, Nadi, Namaka, Lautoka, Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki, Labasa, Savusavu & Taveuni.

What do I need to sign up?

  • You need to fill out an application form
  • Valid Email address – mandatory requirement
  • A copy of your photo ID e.g. FNPF Card, Driver’s License or valid Passport
  • A utility bill (Telecom/EFL/WAF) to confirm your street address
  • A letter of authorization from the telephone owner if the telephone doesn’t belong to you

How much do I have to pay when I sign up?

You need to pay the installation fees and deposit (refer to application form for charges)

What is the deposit?

This is a fee that you must pay when signing up for any post pay connect service. It will be refunded when you cancel your service or it will be used to clear your final bill.

The amount of security deposit you pay will also determine your credit limit and the amount you can top-up each month.

I’m an existing Connect customer do I need to pay the deposit?

Yes, you have to pay if the new deposit is higher than the existing deposit in your account.

How long does it take to get Connect X service?

It takes 5-10 working days to install Connect X service. This process involves your telephone line being upgraded to deliver internet or a new telephone installed and a Technician coming to your premises to install your ADSL modem and setup your computer.

If you are upgrading from existing plans then it will take 24 hours.

What do I get when I sign up?

New customers get a Connect X plan, an ADSL modem which will be delivered during the installation.

Existing customers who transfer don’t get anything.

Is there any contract with Connect X plans?

There are options, no contract, 1 year or 2 year contracts, refer to application form for options.

Will I be charged a penalty if I breach the contract?

Termination of contract before the contract period will incur a penalty fee of 3 months rental.

Who will install Connect X service at my premises?

Telecom Fiji technicians or contractors will install the service. You will be contacted before-hand by our Dispatch Officers to arrange a convenient time.

What should I do if my service doesn’t work?

You can call our Call Centre on our toll-free number 11 22 33 or Live Chat to speak to our Customer Service Representatives. Have as many details (e.g. error message) as possible to help us troubleshoot your problem faster. Call Centre hours are from 5am to midnight every day.

What if my service cannot be fixed over the phone?

You can either bring your laptop/modem to any Customer Care or a Technician will be sent to your home within 3 to 5 working days.

If we see that the issue is a Telecom Fiji issue, there will be no charge but if we find that the issue was caused by you, there will be a fee.

How much does Connect X service cost monthly?

Different plans have different rentals, refer to application forms for monthly fees.

How much is the installation fee for Connect X service?

There are 3 options for installation depending on what contract you prefer;

  • $200.00VIP for No Contract
  • $150.00VIP for 1 Year Contract
  • $75.00VIP for 2 Year Contract

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges with Connect X service.

Can I use the telephone while I’m on the Internet?

You can use the telephone while you’re on the internet.

Where else can I use my account?

You can use your account on Connect Wi-Fi hotspots around towns. Look for Connect Wi-Fi signals next time you are in town. Data used on Connect Wi-Fi will be taken from the base data of your plan.

Can I use my Connect X service account on two telephone lines or multiple locations?

You can only use the service on one telephone line or location, which is the telephone line or location specified in the application form. Your service will be suspended if you use the service from multiple telephone lines.

Can I have two Connect X service accounts on one telephone line?

Yes you can use more than one service on one telephone line. You will only be able to use one service at a time.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan but there will be a fee if you downgrade your plan. One change is allowed in a month.

Where can I check my available usage online?

Usage reports can be obtained from 11 22 33 or contactus@telecom.com.fj 

You can monitor your data balance on Connect Portal. Usage reports for months older than 3 months will incur a fee.

We do not track, monitor or record websites accessed by customers.

Are there any restrictions on when I can use Connect X service?

Yes, the data cap is divided into 2 time periods, peak which is from 6AM to 6PM and off-peak which is from 6PM to 6AM.

How does the data split work?

Peak data can only be used from 6AM to 6PM, off-peak data can only be used from 6PM to 6AM. When data finishes from any peak or off-peak then top-up data will be used or you can wait till the next period.

What happens when I finish my data cap?

Your service will be redirected to the Connect Portal when data runs out. If this does not happen, you can type the Connect Portal address my.connect.com.fj.

You can top-up more data by choosing from the top-up options; $5.00/4GB or $10.00/10GB or $20.00/15GB or $50.00/65GB or $100.00/150GB

What happens to my unused top-up data usage?

Any unused top-up data at the end of the month will be carried over to the new month with an expiry period of 30 days from date of top-up but on the new month, base data will be used first and top-up data will be used next.

How many times in a month can I top-up data?

You are entitled to as many top-ups as your credit limit will allow you. Your credit limit is dependent on deposit amount, if your deposit is $40.00 then the credit limit will be $80.00. You can pay higher deposit to allow you more top-ups during the month.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password on the Connect Portal under settings. Changing your password will also require configuration update on the ADSL modem which can be done at our Customer Care Centres. (Fees may apply) or call 11 22 33 for assistance.

What if I have forgotten my password?

Call 11 22 33 to assist with resetting the password and assisting in updating the password on the ADSL modem.

We will not give out passwords over the telephone.

What is Connect Portal?

This is self-help portal where you can monitor your data cap, buy more data, reset password, download bills and update email address.

Why do I need to update and verify email address?

Once you update and verify email address, you will get:

  • Bills, Promotions, Notifications
  • Alerts when Top-ups are made
  • Alerts when password is reset
  • Alerts when your account has logged onto Connect Wi-Fi

Can I change my username?

You can change your username by visiting any of our Customer Care Centres. We do not accept username change requests over the telephone.

What happens if I move to a new location?

You have to relocate your telephone and Connect X service. If we are unable to provide service at your new location, you have the option of changing to wireless services.  A notification to connect will be required to update your account with new street address.

When will I get my bill?

Your bill will be emailed to your nominated email address on the first week of every month for the previous month’s usage. E.g. March usage will be billed in April. You can also get your bill from Connect Portal.

Will I get my bill by post as well?

Bills are only sent via email and not post

When is my bill due?

Bills are always due 14 days after the invoice date which is normally around the 15th of every month.

Where can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill at any Telecom Customer Care Centre or at any Post Fiji outlets around Fiji.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill by cash or cheque at any Telecom Customer Care Centre, MH/Max-Value outlets or any Post Fiji outlets around Fiji.

Post Fiji and MH/Max-Value will only accept bill statements for bar code scanning. For cheque payments, Post Fiji will accept only if made out to “Post Fiji Ltd”. You can pay online via any bank.

I didn’t get any bill?

Please advise us on 11 22 33 , we may have an incorrect Email address for you in our system. You can also get your bill from Connect Portal.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

Your service will be suspended if your bills are not paid by the due date. If your service is suspended due to non-payment, you will be charged a fee of $10.90VIP to have it reinstated.

How do I reconnect my account if it was suspended for non-payment?

You must pay your overdue bills and contact 11 22 33 with payment details e.g. receipt number, amount paid and where you made the payment.

Is there a reconnection fee?

There is a reconnection fee of $10.90VIP that will be charged to your account and will appear in your next bill.

How can I suspend my account?

You can suspend your account by sending a written request to contactus@telecom.com.fj  or visit Telecom Customer Care Centre and fill out a “Customer Request Form”. We will not accept suspension requests over the telephone. You may temporarily suspend your account for up to one month only. A suspension fee equivalent to one month’s rental will apply. For periods longer than one month, this is deemed a disconnection and any penalties that apply via this contract will be enforced.

How can I disconnect my account?

You can disconnect your account by sending a written request (letter/email/fax) to contactus@telecom.com.fj or visit our Telecom Customer Care Centre and fill out a “Customer Request Form”. We will not accept disconnection requests over the telephone. Termination of the contract before specified period will incur a penalty fee equivalent to three month’s rental.

Will my Deposit be refunded to me?

If your account has no arrears or penalty fees then your deposit will be refunded otherwise it will be used to recover unpaid bills. Refunds will be processed after the next bill statement from date of request. Bill statements are generated at the beginning of every month.

Can I transfer my account to a friend or relative?

You can transfer your account to a friend or relative. Both parties will need to visit any Telecom Customer Care Centre and fill out a “Customer Request Form” and the new owner will also need to fill a new application form.

Any overdue bills must be cleared before transfer. If the contract hasn’t been completed, then the new owner will continue and complete the contract.

What is the warranty period of the ADSL modem?

The ADSL modem has a warranty of 3 months. After the warranty period you will have to purchase a new ADSL modem. ADSL Modems under warranty will not be replaced that:

  • Have been mishandled, abused or not installed correctly,
  • Have been subjected to a power surge,
  • Have been damaged during natural disasters (cyclones, floods etc),
  • Have been lost or stolen.

Where can I get a replacement ADSL modem?

You can buy a  new  ADSL  modem  from   any  of  our  Telecom Customer Care Centre or  from a IT/Computer supply  shop.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

What is Fibre to the Home (FTTH)?

‘Fibre to the Home’ means we’ll install fibre cables all the way to your home.

Why do I need FTTH? 

  • Bandwidth – The faster your connection, the faster data moves through it meaning you can do more in a shorter space of time. As innovation continues and the use for high speed internet continues to grow, Fibre is the only technology that has the capability to support the needed bandwidth.
  • Stability/Reliability – FTTH provides a reliable, consistent experience even at the busiest time of day. Your connections are more stable and issues like distance to your home will not affect the service nor connection speed.
  • Capacity – Fibre gives you dedicated capacity which means everyone at your home can watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at the same time without any loss of quality.

What does FTTH installation involve?  

The installation involves running fibre from the street into your house. This can be done through existing conduits or pipes if available and meet requirements.

If not, the installation team will work with you should minor digging be required.

What equipment will be installed?

A fibre (Optical Network Terminal) modem that will require a power supply.  The installer will provide you with a Wi-Fi ID and pass codes for your internet connection.

Does the Fibre network support Telecom Fiji’s landline service?


Do I need consent from my landlord?

Yes, you will be required to get your landlords authorisation to install FTTH as this installation may involve digging up the yard and rewiring the house.

I have an existing broadband account, how much will it cost to upgrade?

For existing broadband account holders we will be upgrading your service for free, however, if minor digging is involved, charges may apply.

Will I be charged a deposit amount?

Yes, however, if you have an existing account, you will be charged the difference in deposit. This amount will appear on your next bill statement.

Do I need to be at home during the fibre installation visits?

Yes, the installation process may take up to 2-4 hours and a contact person at the site is a requirement.

Will Telecom Fiji be required to rewire the house?

There will be some wiring requirements, the installer will discuss with you during installation.

Can I get my home installation done on the weekends?

Yes, we can arrange for this, however, any changes to the time and date for installation, you will need to inform us ahead of time.

Connect 4G+

What is 4G?

4G is the 4th generation mobile communications technology and a successor to the 3G standards. It is also known as long term evolution (“LTE”) – a radio access technology to deliver very high speeds.

What is the difference between Connect X (ADSL and VDSL) and Connect 4G + (LTE)?

Connect X – is high speed internet through telephone lines with speeds up to 10Mbps. Connect 4G+ (LTE) – is very high speed wireless internet with speeds are up to 100Mbps.

What are the benefits of Connect 4G+?

Connect 4G+ can be used at home or your office for:

  1. High speed wireless internet access with higher download and upload speeds compared to broadband
  2. HD content like HD Movies, HD TV Series, HD music videos, HD gaming & much more
  3. Download large files simultaneously
  4. Seamless online streaming
  5. High quality face-to-face video chatting
  6. Seamless connection to business cloud applications
  7. No installation period, take the modem same time
    Competitive plans

What happens when I move outside Connect 4G+ coverage area?

When you move outside Connect 4G+ coverage area, you will have no service

Does Connect 4G+ offer Voice and Data?

Connect 4G+ is a data-only service.

What are the typical speeds a Connect 4G+ user can experience?

The theoretical maximum download speeds are 100 Mbps, however typical download speeds will range from 2 to 30 Mbps.
On upload, a user can experience between 1 to 10 Mbps.

Actual speeds vary due to factors such as location, distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware & software configuration and download source or upload destination.

If multiple users access the Wi-Fi device the typical speed range per user may be reduced.

Telecom Fiji can only guarantee internet speeds from local contents or to local speed test servers only. We do not guarantee internet speeds for contents outside Fiji including speed tests done from offshore servers.

How do I get Connect 4G+?

  1. Be in an area with 4G coverage
  2. Get a 4G plan – fill out an application with all requirements
  3. Get a 4G device/CPE
  4. Get a 4G Sim card

How do I set up my connection?

Install the SIM card:

  1. Slide off the card slot cover
  2. Insert the SIM card into the card slot. Ensure that the beveled edge of the SIM card aligns with that of the card slot.
  3. Close the card slot cover

Connect your power adapter to the modem then to the source.

Set up your Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Wait until the Wi-Fi light is on (this is the 3rd light from the right of the modem)
  2. On the underside of the modem is your SSID and Wi-Fi key.
  3. From your Wi-Fi enabled device, scan for wireless networks in your area. Connect to the network name that matches the SSID found on the device label.
  4. When prompted for password, enter the Wi-Fi key found on the device label (Wi-Fi key is case sensitive). Your Wi-Fi device will notify you when it is connected.

Is Connect 4G+ available to both pre-pay and post-pay users?

Yes, there are different plans for pre-pay and post-pay users

Do I have to take up the two-year contract?

No, you can buy the modem outright at $150VIP

When can I use my data cap?

There are no peak and off-peak restrictions.

What happens when I finish my data cap?

You will be redirected to the Connect Portal where you can reload more data to your account. The reload rate is $5.00VIP for 5Gb. You can only purchase data in multiples of $5.00.

This data will expire after 30 days however on the new month your monthly base data will be consumed first.

Can I take my Connect 4G+ connection when I travel?

Yes you can your connection (with 4G Modem) as long as you are within 4G coverage.

You can also use your account (without 4G Modem) on Connect Wi-fi hotspots, data used here will be taken from your monthly data cap.

Can I use my Connect 4G+ on broadband?

No, you can’t use your Connect 4G+ account on broadband and you can’t use a broadband account on 4G Modem.

What frequency does Connect 4G+ use?

Connect 4G+ service uses the 700MHz (Band28) MHz frequency.

Can I use my mobile phone to access Connect 4G+?

Yes, if you are connected through WIFI to a Connect 4G+ modem.

Any hand held device you can pick your Connect 4G+ modem signal from you can access the internet with.

Mobile phones which can access 700MHz (Band28) frequency can access our 4G service provided you get a 4G sim/4G plan from CONNECT/TFL.

Can I use any 4G modem for Connect 4G+?

If your modem can access 700MHz (Band28) frequency can access our 4G service provided you get a 4G sim/4G plan from Telecom.

I have a red light on my modem what does this mean?

The SIM card is not recognized or failed to connect to a mobile network. Check to see if the SIM card is inserted correctly.   

What happens when I take it home and it doesn’t work?

Check to see it has been set up correctly, call 11 22 33 or Live Chat for further assistance.

There is a 5 working day return policy where you can return the modem within 5 working days from purchase and get your money back.

I have data available but cannot access the internet?

Log on to Connect Portal to see how much data you have left?

What is the warranty on the modem?

4G Modems carry a manufactures warranty for 12 months and are the responsibility of the customer during the contract period.

4G Modems not covered under warranty or after warranty period will be replaced at the cost of the customer.

I have damaged/lost my SIM?

SIM replacement will cost $5.00VIP, bring your 4G Modem and ID when applying for a replacement.

Connect Wi-fi Prepay

What is Day Pass and Week Pass on Prepay?

This is unlimited data plans through Connect Wi-Fi.

Where can I sign up for Day Pass and Week Pass?

You do not have to sign up, all you need to do is buy $2.00 (Day Pass) or $5.00 (Week Pass) Quick Dial cards and use the pin to access internet.

What is Day Pass?

Purchasing a $2.00 Quick Dial card will give you unlimited data for 24 hours on Connect Wi-Fi only.

Day Pass

  • $2 Quick Dial
  • Unlimited Data
  • Expires after 1 day or 24 hours

What is Week Pass?

Purchasing a $5.00 Quick Dial card will give you unlimited data for 168 hours or 7 days on Connect Wi-Fi only.

Week Pass

  • $5 Quick Dial
  • Unlimited Data
  • Expires after 7 days or 168 hours

How will promotions like 2Up, 5Up etc. affect my Day Pass and Week Pass?

Using day Pass and Week Pass will void any promotion.

Do I need a SIM card?

No, you do not require a SIM card.

How do I login?

Buy a quick Dial card, find and connect to a “CONNECT WI-FI” network on your Wi-Fi device, enter your voucher number in the “Vouchers” section and browse.

Will I have to login in every time I want to use this service?

Once you login to CONNECT WI-FI, the Mac address of your device is remembered for 30 days so you don’t need to login every day –you will be automatically connected once you enter CONNECT WI-FI hot spot.

Can I use my voucher on more than one device?

No, you can only use one voucher on one device.

Can I use Day Pass and Week Pass on my Wi-Fi modem at home?

No, this service can only be accessed at a CONNECT WI-FI hot spot.

What is the speed of CONNECT WI-FI PREPAY?

Speed and connectivity may vary due to factors such as distance from Access Point (AP), local conditions, number of logins, etc.

Speeds will range for 2Mbps to 10Mbps.

Will Connect Wi-Fi Prepay work on my PC?

Yes, it will work on any computer be it a desk top, laptop or MAC computer as long as the computer supports the minimum system requirements and is within range of the CONNECT WI-FI Hot spot.

Where is Connect Wi-Fi available?

Central/Eastern locations Western Locations Northern areas locations
Ganilau House, My Suva Park, Sukuna Park, Sukuna Park McDonalds, Ports Authority of Fiji, Suva Market, HFC, Albert Park, McDonalds Laucala Bay, Garden City, FBC, Rups, Kalpana House, Tower Insurance, MH Rodwell, MH Flagstaff, MH Nabua, MH Tamavua, Samabula Police Station, TFL Samabula exchange, Nausori Book Shop, PRB Charles St, Toorak Police Station, TFL Customer Care Nausori, PRB Kia St, PRB McFarlane St, PRB Nadera, Mua-I-Walu Police Station, Nasese Medical, Ratu Dovi Rd, Suva Point, Suva Private Hospital, Medical Centre, Suva Private Hospital Wards, Suva Private Hospital TV Lounge, PRB Nairaj St, Mid City Gloria Jeans, Hansons Makoi, Tebara Plaza Nakasi, Civic Centre, SCC Olympic Pool, SCC Peace Garden Seawall, Narere olice Post, Police Mobile 8 Miles, LTA Valelevu, LTA Sports City, Grantham Plaza Police Post, PRB New Flats Nairai Rd Lautoka Queens Wharf, Uni of Fiji Cafeteria, Uni of Fiji , Nadi Mobile Main St, Shirly Park- Waterfront Hotel, TFL Customer Care Ba, Rups Nadi, TFL Customer Care Tavua, TFL Customer Care Rakiraki FNU Labasa

There may be areas within our coverage area that has poor or no signal due to factors beyond our control e.g. terrain or buildings.

What speeds will I experience when downloading?

There is no guaranteed speed. The speed may fluctuate at times due to various factors which includes but is not limited to distance from base station, signal strength, terrain, site from which content is downloaded from, bandwidth allowed from Internet sites, servers and the end user device/computer performance.

How much should I pay monthly on rental basis?

There are no monthly rentals for Day Pass or Week Pass.

What is the Initial Security Deposit?

There is no security deposit required for this product.

How do I check my expiry date?

You may visit our Connect Portal through the device you used the voucher on.

How do I recharge?

Pre-pay vouchers can be purchased from any Telecom Customer Care Centre or look out for any shop that sells Quick Dial cards.

Can I use my Connect Wi-Fi Prepay service overseas?

This is only available in Fiji.

Can I receive a refund on any unused data on my CONNECT WI-FI PREPAY?

No, refunds are not available for any unused data.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can contact Customer Service on 11 22 33, Live Chat or send an email to contactus@telecom.com.fj.

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