ICT Solutions

Connectivity Solutions – Telecom has an extensive range of connectivity options for different clients and geographic locations. Our connectivity options include – Copper, Fibre, Radio and Satellite links.

Services thatTelecom can offer over this are MPLS and IPLC links, Dedicated Internet, Broadband Connection and Voice services

Cloud Services –Telecom now offers cloud services like Digital Signage for hotels, Co-location services for disaster recovery and Data Centres plus Hosted PABX for customers

Network Security Solutions – Supply and Install security firewalls and content filtering for Customers. This also includes their internet setup and antivirus installations.

Collaboration – Unified Communications, Audio/Video Conferencing – Telecom offers a wide range of video and audio conferencing solutions to meet any simple and complex office requirements. We only deal in major brands with full after-sales warranty and support on hardware.

Corporate WiFi Solution – supply, installation and management of Wi-Fi solutions for in-building, public areas, restaurants, malls, campus area, schools and hotel requirements, with flexible charging options. Also includes location-based services such as ad-injection.

Managed Print Services – instead of buying machines and worrying about toner refills, go for cost-per-page (CPP) model, billed on monthly basis. Real time reports provided on actual print volume.

High Speed Internet Access –Telecom can now offer high speed internet through fibre that is being deployed Fiji wide. Services include Infinity for Residential Customers, Fusion for SME and Dedicated Internet for Top Corporates. Speeds varies from 1mbps to 1Gbps.

Satellite Services – providing connectivity in remote and Maritime areas where no other technology available. On-demand backup option for Disaster/emergency situations.

Managed Network – proactive performance monitoring of WAN links, monthly reporting based on bandwidth usage, protocol, customer portal login. Also includes setup, operations and management of LAN (Local Area Network) and basic IT services/desktop support

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