Telecom Fiji to provide Managed ICT Solution for DHL Express - Telecom Fiji Limited

Telecom Fiji to provide Managed ICT Solution for DHL Express

Telecom Fiji to provide Managed ICT Solution for DHL Express

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) was signed between Telecom Fiji and DHL Express last week which now ensures improved business continuity for the global carrier.

“This is an ICT Managed Solution whereby Telecom manages and maintains DHL Express’ CISCO equipment for their local links,” said Mr. Salveen Singh, National Sales Manager of Telecom Fiji.

“With this SLA, Telecom is responding to DHL’s need for a continuity solution with regular monitoring, maintenance and checks on this critical switch. Should there be any issues on these particular switches, DHL can be rest assured that business continuity is maintained with minimal outage times and with the highest service delivery provided,” Mr. Singh further added.

DHL is highly dependent on internet connectivity for their courier processing. Further to this, the local area and wide area network is just as important for internal and international processing. This is critical to business continuity and must be managed with top priority and high sensitivity.

“As connectivity becomes the key differentiator to Fiji’s growing e-Commerce business sector, it’s critical that DHL Express Fiji provides a fast, consistent, and sustainable international Express parcel service to our e-Commerce customers” said Mark Komene, Country Manager for DHL Express Fiji and Pacific Islands.

“TFL will support our CISCO switch infrastructure allowing our Fijian Operations to remain fully connected to our global network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can then track and trace every shipment our e-Commerce customers send or receive across the world,” Mr. Komene further added.

This connectivity provides easy access to DHL Express’ real time shipment visibility on any device they choose, anywhere they are. DHL Express Fiji is proud to partner with TFL on this e-Commerce initiative.