Telecom Leads the Fight For a Cleaner Fiji - Telecom Fiji Limited

Telecom Leads the Fight For a Cleaner Fiji

Telecom Leads the Fight For a Cleaner Fiji

Telecom Fiji will host a clean-up for its “Plastic-Free” campaign with its staff around Fiji this Saturday.

Telecom staff will simultaneously conduct clean up campaigns in Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and Labasa on 31 August in a bid to encourage others to do the same.

Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar said that Telecom took its social responsibilities as a corporation very seriously and hoped that the public would follow their example and join them.

“Our theme for this campaign is ‘Yes, YOU matter’,“ he said. “This comes from our set of corporate values. What we are saying is that everyone matters, everyone is important to us. Our clients, our customers, our staff and as a whole, the environment itself.”
This event is not just a one-off, Telecom’s Plastic free campaign is ongoing and the Pacific’s top ICT provider has taken steps to reduce its plastic footprint.

“As part of our aim of being 100% plastic-free in terms of our waste, we have also instituted a ban on all single-use plastic water bottles within our organisation at any of our premises. All staff have been provided. aluminium water bottles for use,” Goundar said.

Telecom hopes that their efforts will contribute towards raising general awareness on the level of pollution that the environment is suffering from, especially when it comes to plastics.

“You may have seen in the news recently how bad micro plastic pollution is and that the oceans are full of them. This is something that affects all of us. Hopefully, we can convey this message to all Fijians – let’s take care of our environment together,” Goundar added.