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Telecom Launches New Workforce Management Apps

Telecom Launches New Workforce Management Apps

Telecom Fiji Limited has launched 2 new premier software applications, aimed at helping organisations more efficiently manage their workforce, while complying with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Tickatask is a work and team management software solution that enables businesses to plan, assign and track employee activity and manage tasks, while RollCall is geared towards keeping track of employee attendance in compliance with the COVID-19 safety guidelines established by the Ministry of Commerce Trade Tourism and Transport (MCTTT).

“The 2 apps are essentially productivity tools designed and developed by our inhouse app development team keeping in mind the challenges organisations are now facing given that majority of staff are on Work-from -home mode. These apps will assist businesses better organise operations and assign tasks to individual staff, despite the limitations placed on workplaces during the current pandemic,” said Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar.

“Our main goal when designing these apps was to provide Fijian businesses with powerful and flexible workforce management software solutions that were also easy to use and cost effective. Whether employees work at the office, or from home, onsite, or even in self- isolation or quarantine, both apps have your business covered.”

“Best of all, these apps automate these tedious tasks that have to be done manually, freeing up time and resources that can be utilised elsewhere. Not only that, these apps are easily scalable, so there are no limits on the number of users, as this will be connected to customer’s domain server where all valid staff will be able to have access.”

Tickatask, with it’s combination of productivity, collaboration tools, along with real-time tracking and easy update generation, makes managing work and your team in the digital workspace incredibly simple and efficient.

Although RollCall was designed to be COVID-19 protocol friendly, and ensure compliance with the MCTTT Non-Negotiable Protocols for Business Operations, the user-friendly interface and easy logging of employee attendance in real-time, means that this an ideal solution for any business, even when COVID-19 protocols aren’t a factor.

“Further adding to their flexibility, both apps can be used on multiple platforms – RollCall is a mobile app that will be available on the Google Playstore and iOS App Store, while Tickatask, being web based, is platform agnostic and can be used on laptops, as well as phones. As always, all our software comes with robust support and customisation, and if customers require it, we also provide data management solutions and hosting.”
To get Tickatask and RollCall for your organisation, email a Telecom sales representative at today!

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