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Telecom Fiji Makes Public Payphones FREE

Telecom Fiji Makes Public Payphones FREE

Fijians will now be able to make calls for free from any Telecom Fiji payphones, to any emergency line and Telecom landlines in Fiji from 17th September, 2021.The latest in a series of initiatives by Telecom aimed at helping the greater community.

Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar said that the new measure was meant to provide a free and handy service that would be of genuine use to Fijians during these uncertain times.

“We are delighted to provide this free service as part of our corporate social responsibility to contribute to a better, more caring and more inclusive Fiji, where every Fijian can reach out for help if and when they need to, or just connect, if necessary,” said Mr. Goundar.

With the introduction of Telecom’s new initiative, where customers will be able to make free calls from payphones to call any emergency lines and Telecom landlines. This is a significant initiative which will benefit those in emergency situations.

In the past 18months there was a total of 25,000 minutes’ worth of calls through payphones, showing that they continue to be commonly used in emergencies.

“Now, wherever our existing phone booths are around the country, such as near hospitals, health centers, and bus stands, any Fijian will be able to make calls to any emergency lines, as well as any Telecom landline in Fiji, when in need.”

Mr. Goundar added that the new initiative demonstrates the commitment to enable all Fijians to have access to telecommunication and to benefit Fijians honor their historic legacy. “Ever since their rollout, these public payphones with their distinctive design inspired by a traditional drua, have been a prevalent fixture of the urban landscape in Fiji for decades,” said Mr. Goundar.

Gone are the days when lovers spoke for a prolonged period of time or family and friends chatted briefly over the payphones in the days when mobile phones were a rarity. Now the only time people queue up beside the payphones is to call home and let their families and friends know they are safe after a cyclone, or some other natural disaster has cut off the mobile network.

“In the same spirit, we hope that this free service reflects the important role these payphones have played in the past, and it is our sincere hope that it will continue to serve the Fijian community in a similar manner for years to come.”

Telecom Fiji reminds all Fijians that it is their responsibility to practice proper hygiene and COVID-safety measures while they are using these facilities. For further information call us on 112233.