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Telecom Fiji and Post Fiji Announce Partnership for Convenient Bill Payments

Acting CEO of Post Fiji, Isaac Mow and CEO Telecom Fiji CEO, Charles Goundar.


[Suva, 7th February, 2024] – Telecom Fiji is delighted to announce its strategic alliance with Post Fiji, a collaborative effort geared towards enhancing the convenience of bill payments at various Post Fiji locations nationwide.

In response to the dynamic needs of its valued customers, Telecom has extended its bill payment services to include Post Fiji outlets.

This initiative offers a seamless and easily accessible option for settling telecommunication bills, underscoring Telecom’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and community engagement. This partnership is centered around providing unparalleled convenience, allowing customers to effortlessly settle their Telecom bills during routine visits to Post Fiji outlets. The extensive network of Post Fiji locations ensures widespread accessibility, catering to customers in both urban and remote areas and fostering financial inclusion across the nation. Beyond simplifying bill payments, this collaboration marks the commencement of a comprehensive range of services aimed at elevating the overall customer experience.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Post Fiji, aligning with our commitment to delivering exceptional services to the people of Fiji. This partnership not only streamlines bill payments but also signifies the initiation of a broader range of services designed to enhance the overall customer experience,” states Charles Goundar, Chief Executive Officer at Telecom Fiji.

Telecom remains dedicated to creating innovative solutions and expanding service reach to better cater to customers. The partnership with Post Fiji underscores the commitment to making essential services more accessible, contributing significantly to the socio-economic development of Fiji.

Acting CEO Post Fiji Isaac Mow and CEO Telecom Fiji, Charles Goundar Signing of Partnership.


“Post Fiji and Telecom Fiji have a long history together in terms of contributing to the economic development of the country. We have rekindled our partnership for the benefit and convenience of our customers, who are the core of our existence. With this revitalized collaboration, Post Fiji again becomes a payment method option for TFL customers wanting to pay for the telephone bills at “brick and mortar” post offices. Post Fiji’s footprint of 58 post offices around Fiji makes it easier and convenient for TFL customers to pay their bills at a location accessible to them. It also provides the customers with “peace of mind” as they are also able to pay for other bills and carry out other postal related transactions under one roof. Post Fiji values its relationship with Telecom Fiji and is always ready to engage in similar business partnerships that will help bring essential services closer to all Fijians,” states Post Fiji’s Acting CEO, Isaac Mow.