Telecom ensures high quality service and security - Telecom Fiji Limited

Telecom ensures high quality service and security

Telecom ensures high quality service and security

In light of recent concerns raised, Telecom Fiji assures Fijians who use their network that there are no security concerns whatsoever.

Telecom’s core network infrastructure is based on CISCO infrastructure, which is a leading and globally renowned provider of telecommunications equipment.

“We use Huawei technology in a limited way, in our Edge network which connects to our core network infrastructure, which is built entirely on CISCO technology,” said Telecom CEO Charles Goundar.

“If anyone tries to access our equipment, they will have to go through rigorous protocols and multiple levels of security provided by leading global security solution providers, for example, they would have to bypass CISCO, Fortinet or Allot firewalls.”

CISCO is a US based company and provides solutions for the largest organisations in the world, including Microsoft, Telstra and Optus. Similarly, both US based Fortinet and Israel based Allot are world renowned security solution providers for telecommunications companies.

“New Zealand’s concern was based around security in relation to the usage of 5G technology. Telecom does not use 5G technology at all so this is a non-issue for us,” said Goundar.

We have just launched Fibre internet which is a fixed broadband service, similar to Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and New Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) service.

Huawei was one of our suppliers in 2016 who assisted with the rollout of 4G and we engage with many such suppliers for many parts of our infrastructure, including Nokia, CISCO, IntelSat, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, and many others.

“Our customers can be rest assured that all our suppliers are selected through strict compliance tests which adhere to international standards and go through thorough background reference checks,” said Goundar.

As per standard industry practice, Telecom also engages expertise to conduct detailed technical audits of our infrastructure annually to ensure that we remain fully compliant to international industry standards and best practices, including security.

“Telecom prioritizes the welfare of our customers and we look out for the best interests of Fijians without compromise.”