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Telecom Breaks Ground for Labasa to Savusavu Fiber Project

Ground breaking ceremony for the launch of Telecom’s underground extension of fiber optic cables from Labasa to Savusavu was held today Friday, 19th May 2023 at Gopi’s Mini-Mart, Wailevu, Labasa. The Minister for Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises and Communications, Hon Manoa Kamikamica was Chief Guest in conducting the honors in breaking ground. This is only phrase one Labasa to Seaqaqa.

The extension of the fiber between Labasa and Savusavu is part of Telecom’s 5-year fiber investment plan; to ensure the national backbone communications network is highly resilient and scalable for future growth. Telecom Fiji embarked on this strategic project to not only improve the overall resilience and reliability of its national high speed backbone network, but to also ensure business continuity in supporting ongoing economic growth and development in the Fiji and to keep Fiji at the forefront of ICT technology. Fiber-optic technology, with its unparalleled speed and capacity, will enable Fiji to connect with the world in ways that were once unimaginable.

At the moment Telecom’s Fiber network is limited to CBD areas of Labasa and Savusavu. In addition all Telecom services into Seaqaqa is supported via radio links only. Extending fiber to Seaqaqa will improve reliability for customers. Secondly, as part of phase 2, this fiber will later on extend all the way to Savusavu where we currently have high capacity bandwidth available via the submarine cable. At the completion of Phase 2, Labasa will be linked to Savusavu via fiber while the radio will still be maintained for redundancy. Upon completion of the Labasa – Savusuva, reliable, high-speed, low latency data links will be readily available to customers of Seaqaqa.

“We believe the North has a great deal of potential and has so much to offer especially with so many relying on them. Today, we are breaking ground and taking important steps towards developing a robust and resilient national telecommunications infrastructure that can support Fiji’s growth and development for years to come. I would like to once again thank Telecom Fiji for its leadership and initiative. In the spirit of collaboration, we are breaking ground built on a bold vision that is truly commendable,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises and Communications, Hon Manoa Kamikamica.

Telecom CEO Charles Goundar; “We celebrate a momentous occasion today, the launch of the first phase of our fiber connectivity project between Labasa to Savusavu and I am proud to announce this transformative initiative that will shape the future of our community, our businesses, and our lives. Today marks an important phase as we launch the Labasa Seaqaq Fibre Project which will ensure a permanent and long term solution to the growing demand for data in the main commercial centers of Vanua Levu”

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