Telecom Wins Award at National Quality Convention - Telecom Fiji Limited

Telecom Wins Award at National Quality Convention

Telecom Wins Award at National Quality Convention

Telecom Fiji teams participating at the National Convention on Quality won the Best Presentation Award for their projects. The 24th National Convention was held last Friday at the Fiji National University (FNU) Namaka Campus.

The first project, headed by ‘Team Impact’, aimed to ban all single-use plastic water bottles from Telecom’s premises. In the true spirit of Telecom, management arranged for staff to be given reusable aluminium water bottles.

“Our main goal is to train our staff to be the agents of change that our environment so badly needs. By urging our staff to participate in initiatives like Quality Circles, and to be more productive in such projects, we aim to give back to communities and educate them on the importance of environmentally responsible business practices,” Goundar said.

The second project was led by ‘Team E-fficient’ which was aimed at improving recruitment efficiency. The teams thanked CEO Goundar, for being supportive and guiding them towards the success of their quality initiatives.

“These projects were aligned to not only solve issues at an organizational level but project ‘Team Impact’ was done also to address problems at an international level.” By presenting these projects, Telecom was able to boost its staff morale, gain personal development by learning new skills and draw out promising new talent from their new staff members.

The quality circle convention provides a platform for teams to exchange ideas and experiences while bringing out the extraordinary qualities that people possess. 8 organisations from the public and private sector competed at the event, aligning their projects with the theme of “Sustainable Productivity”.