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Launch of the Noqu EFL Mobile App

Launch of the Noqu EFL Mobile App

The launch of the Noqu EFL Mobile App is another step in the digital transformation journey for Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) to provide better service delivery to our customers.

The “Noqu EFL” mobile app further complements the Noqu EFL online web portal that was initially launched in 2017. Customer demand for a mobile app prompted EFL to replicate the services of the online web portal onto the more preferred mobile app platform.

The app will allow EFL post pay customers to view their account information, current balance, due dates, as well as a history of their electricity consumption over the months.

Customers will be able to view and download their current and previous monthly statements.

Customers will be able to raise queries and view the status of the same on-line.

Customers moving from one property to another can submit their details in advance via the app so EFL can make the transition of moving to the new location as smooth as possible.

Customers will also be able to receive notifications of major power outages and other EFL news.

Registering for the Noqu EFL Mobile App:

1. Customers need to have a valid email address registered against their EFL account. If customers have not registered their email addresses, then they can visit any of the EFL Customer Care offices or email to provide their email addresses together with a copy of a valid photo identification card for verification.

*Customers who are already registered on the Noqu EFL online web portal, can login to the Noqu EFL Mobile app using the same email address and password.

2. Download and install the Noqu EFL app.

The app is available to both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

3. Choose the Register Now option and enter your EFL account number and your email address that you registered with EFL and click on the Register Now button.

4. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete your registration and setup of your password.

5. You are now ready to login to the Noqu EFL mobile app.

6. Should customers require any assistance, they can talk to the EFL customer care agents on 132 333 or 5333 (mobile users); or email

Telecom CEO, Charles Goundar thanked EFL for choosing them as their partner for this project. He congratulated EFL on taking another bold step in digitising its services to EFL customers.

He further stated, “It is great to see many Fijian businesses being forward-thinking and adopting technology to make the lives of Fijians easier in line with the nation digitizing initiatives.

Telecom is focusing on app development to complement its range of ICT products and solutions.