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Fiji Police Engages Telecom for ICT Services Management

Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew and Charles Goundar, CEO
We’re thrilled to announce partnership between Telecom Fiji and the Fiji Police Force, aimed at bolstering ICT service capability for the Force, with a focus on cybersecurity, systems and data resiliency.


Under this contract, Telecom will deliver advanced and cutting edge ICT solutions to the Fiji Police and provide end to end management of such services.
In the words of the Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew, “In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is key to combating crime effectively. This partnership with Telecom signifies our commitment to leveraging technology and teamwork to minimize harm and enhance public safety.”
Charles Goundar, CEO of Telecom echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are proud to continue our longstanding partnership with Fiji Police. With cyber threats on the rise, our combined efforts are more crucial than ever in safeguarding our community against digital dangers.”
The Acting Commissioner emphasized the importance of continuous upskilling in cybersecurity, acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of cybercrime. “We must remain vigilant and foster partnerships to combat the increasing sophistication of cyber threats,” he added.
This collaboration between Fiji Police Force and Telecom Fiji not only exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships but also underscores the commitment of both entities to staying ahead in the digital age. Together, we’re stronger, safer, and more resilient.
Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey towards a digitally secure Fiji!