Go ONLINE with your LANDLINE - Telecom Fiji Limited


Great news for customers with a LANDLINE, Telecom Fiji is now offering 5GB of FREE DATA every month. Everybody needs data to connect with family, friends, social media, news, movies, music and so much more. All you have to do is Opt in below and we’ll get you ONLINE.

Promotion Terms & Condition

Connection and Availability

To use the ‘Free 5GB Data monthly’;

  • You must have a Residential account.
  • You must have a Postpay Voice only service on Wireline without an existing Broadband account.
  • This is not available on our Wireless (4G) service.
  • If you have a Prepay Voice only account, you need to upgrade to Postpay service.
  • Telecom broadband is not available in all areas.  Successful application is subject to distance (within 5Km) from your address to our Exchange which will determine if we are able to install broadband, even where our broadband is available in your area.  We may also decline service if Copper Line condition is below standard which would provide an unsatisfactory service.

Installation and Speed

  • Please allow us to install within 4-6 weeks from when you opt for the offer.
  • We will liaise with you on the installation, considering a time at your convenient.
  • The installation involves connecting an ADSL modem to your telephone line without any additional wiring.
  • If you want the modem to be installed in another location away from the telephone line, additional charges will apply for rewiring.
  • Modem is Free during Promotion period only
  • Broadband speeds are up to 10Mbps for downloads and up to 1Mbps for uploads
  • Broadband speeds are only guaranteed to local servers, we don’t guarantee speeds to offshore servers.
  • Broadband speeds vary due to factors including your address distance from the closest Telecom exchange, your computer/device capability, modem, connection and wiring, interference from electrical devices, your distance from your nearest internet server, any malicious software you may have downloaded, the number of users in your household and on the network at one point in time.

Data Cap and Top Ups

  • Your Free 5GB data will be loaded on the 1st of every month and will expire at month end if not used; you will either use it or lose it by the end of the month.
  • Your 5GB data cannot be accumulated if not used during a month.
  • If you use up the 5GB, you will be redirected to the Connect Portal where you have the option to buy more data (Top Up) and be billed at the end of the month.
  • Rate for more data (Top Up) is $5.00/4GB, $10.00/10GB, $20.00/25GB, $50.00/65GB and $100.00/150GB and it will expire after 30 days