Connect Wifi Prepay – Day Pass & Week Pass FAQ

What is Day Pass and Week Pass on Prepay?
This is unlimited data plans through CONNECT WIFI.

Where can I sign up for Day Pass and Week Pass?
You do not have to sign up, all you need to do is buy $2.00(Day Pass) or $5.00(Week Pass) Quick Dial cards and use the pin to access internet.

What is Day Pass?
Purchasing a $2.00 Quick Dial card will give you unlimited data for 24 hours on CONNECT WIFI only.

  • Day Pass
  • $2 QuickDial
  • Unlimited Data
  • Expires after 1 day or 24 hours

What is Week Pass?
Purchasing a $5.00 Quick Dial card will give you unlimited data for 168 hours or 7 days on CONNECT WIFI only.

  • Week Pass
  • $5 QuickDial
  • Unlimited Data
  • Expires after 7 days or 168 hours

How will promotions like 2Up, 5Up etc. affect my Day Pass and Week Pass?
Using day Pass and Week Pass will void any promotion.

Do I need a SIM card?
No, you do not require a SIM card.

How Do I login?
Buy a quick Dial card, find and connect to a “CONNECT WIFI” network on your Wi-Fi device, enter your voucher number in the “Vouchers” section and browse.

Will I have to login in every time I want to use this service?
Once you login to CONNECT WIFI, the Mac address of your device is remembered for 30 days so you don’t need to login every day –you will be automatically connected once you enter CONNECT WIFI hotspot.

Can I use my voucher on more than one device?
No, you can only use one voucher on one device.

Can I use Day Pass and Week Pass on my Wifi modem at home?
No, this service can only be accessed at a CONNECT WIFI hotspot.

What is the speed of CONNECT WIFI PREPAY?
Speed and connectivity may vary due to factors such as distance from Access Point (AP), local conditions, number of logins, etc.  Speeds will range for 2Mbps to 10Mbps.

Yes, it will work on any computer be it a desk top, laptop or MAC computer as long as the computer supports the minimum system requirements and is within range of the CONNECT WIFI Hotspot.


Where is CONNECT WIFI PREPAY available?

  • Central Eastern locations: Ganilau House, My Suva Park, Sukuna Park, Sukuna Park McDonalds, Ports Authority of Fiji, Suva Market, HFC, Albert Park, McDonalds Laucala Bay, Garden City, FBC, Rups, Kalpana House, Tower Insurance, MH Rodwell, MH Flagstaff, MH Nabua, MH Tamavua, Samabula Police Station, TFL Samabula exchange, Nausori Book Shop, PRB Charles St, Toorak Police Station, TFL Customer Care Nausori, PRB Kia St, PRB McFarlane St, PRB Nadera, Mua-I-Walu Police Station, Nasese Medical, Ratu Dovi Rd, Suva Point, Suva Private Hospital, Medical Centre, Suva Private Hospital Wards, Suva Private Hospital TV Lounge, PRB Nairaj St, Mid City Gloria Jeans, Hansons Makoi, Tebara Plaza Nakasi, Civic Centre, SCC Olympic Pool, SCC Peace Garden Seawall, Narere olice Post, Police Mobile 8 Miles, LTA Valelevu, LTA Sports City, Grantham Plaza Police Post, PRB New Flats Nairai Rd.
  • Western Locations; Lautoka Queens Wharf, Uni of Fiji Cafeteria, Uni of Fiji , Nadi Mobile Main St, Shirly Park- Waterfront Hotel, TFL Customer Care Ba, Rups Nadi, TFL Customer Care Tavua, TFL Customer Care Rakiraki
  • Northern areas locations; FNU Labasa.

There may be areas within our coverage area that has poor or no signal due to factors beyond our control e.g. terrain or buildings.  

What speeds will I experience when downloading?
There is no guaranteed speed. The speed may fluctuate at times due to various factors which includes but is not limited to distance from base station, signal strength, terrain, site from which content is downloaded from, bandwidth allowed from Internet sites, servers and the end user device/computer performance.

How much should I pay monthly on rental basis?
There are no monthly rentals for Day Pass or Week Pass.

What is the Initial Security Deposit?
There is no security deposit required for this product.

How do I check my expiry date?
You may visit our portal page through the device you used the voucher on.

How do I recharge?
Pre pay vouchers can be purchased from any TFL Customer Care office in Garden City- Raiwai, Namaka, Lautoka and Labasa or look out for any Shop that sells Quick Dial cards.

Can I use my CONNECT WIFI PREPAY service overseas?
This is only available in Fiji.

Can I receive a refund on any unused data on my CONNECT WIFI PREPAY?
No, refunds are not available for any unused data.

How do I contact Customer Service?
You can contact Customer Service 24 hours a day by calling 112 777 or send an email to  You can also chat to a customer service representative through our live chat on our website,







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