Connect 4G+ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4G?
4G is the 4th generation mobile communications technology and a successor to the 3G standards. It is also known as long term evolution (“LTE”) – a radio access technology to deliver very high speeds. With Connect 4G+, everything you do is much faster than broadband.

What is the difference between Connect Nomad (CDMA), Connect Velocity (ADSL) and Connect 4G + (LTE)?
Connect Nomad (CDMA) – is a wireless service but one can only receive speeds up to 2Mbps
Connect Velocity (ADSL) – is high speed internet through telephone lines with speeds up to 10Mbps
Connect 4G+ (LTE) – is very high speed wireless internet with speeds are up to 100Mbps

What are the benefits of Connect 4G+?
Connect 4G+ can be used at home or your office for:
a) High Speed Wireless internet access with higher download and upload speeds compared to broadband
b) HD content like HD Movies, HD TV Series, HD music videos, HD gaming & many more
c) Download large files simultaneously
d) Seamless online streaming 
e) High quality face 2 face video chatting
f) Seamless connection to business cloud applications
g) No installation period, take the modem same time
h) Competitive plans

Which areas is Connect 4G+ available in?
Connect 4G+ coverage in most major towns and cities;
Central East: Lami to Nausori Airport, Navua and parts of Pacific Harbour.
West: Sigatoka, Nadi, Namaka, Lautoka, Ba, Tavua & Rakiraki
North: Labasa, Savusavu & Taveuni
Coverage map:

What happens when I move outside Connect 4G+ coverage area?
When you move outside Connect 4G+ coverage area, you will have no service

Does Connect 4G+ offer Voice and Data? 
Connect 4G+ is a data-only service now but Voice will be coming soon.

What are the typical speeds a Connect 4G+ user can experience on Connect’s Network?

The theoretical maximum download speeds are 100 Mbps, however typical download speeds will range from 2 to 30 Mbps.
On upload, a user can experience between 1 to 10 Mbps. Actual speeds vary due to factors such as location, distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware & software configuration and download source or upload destination.
If multiple users access the Wi-Fi device the typical speed range per user may be reduced. 
TFL/CONNECT can only guarantee internet speeds from local contents or to local speed test servers only. We do not guarantee internet speeds for contents outside Fiji including speed tests done from offshore servers.

How do I get Connect 4G+?

  1. Be in an area with 4G coverage
  2. Get a 4G plan – fill out an application with all requirements
  3. Get a 4G device/CPE
  4. Get a 4G Sim card

How do I set up my connection?

Install the SIM card

  1. Slide off the card slot cover
  2. Insert the SIM card into the card slot. Ensure that the beveled edge of the SIM card aligns with that of the card slot.
  3. Close the card slot cover

Connect your power adapter to the modem then to the source.

Set up your WIFI connection

  1. Wait till the Wifi light is on (this is the 3rd light from the right of the modem)
  2. On the underside of the modem is your SSID and WIFI key.
  3. From your WIFI enabled device, scan for wireless networks in your area. Connect to the network name that matches the SSID found on the device label.
  4. When prompted for password, enter the WIFI key found on the device label (WIFI key is case sensitive). Your Wifi device will notify you when it is connected.

Is Connect 4G+ available to both Prepay & Postpay users?
Yes, there are different plans for Prepay and Postpay users

Do I have to take up the 2 Year contract?
No, you can buy the modem outright at $150VIP

When can I use my data cap?
Your data can is divided in Peak and Off-Peak periods. Peak period is from 6AM to midnight and Off-peak period is Midnight to 6AM. Off-peak data can only be used during Off-peak period but Peak data can be used anytime.

What happens when I finish my data cap?
You will be redirected to the Connect Portal ( portal) where you reload more data to your account. The reload rate is $5.00VIP for 5Gb. You can only purchase data in multiples of $5.00.
This data will expire after 30 days however on the new month your monthly base data will be consumed first.
This data can be used during Peak and Off-peak period.

Can I take my Connect 4G+ connection when I travel?
Yes you can your connection (with 4G Modem) as long as you are within 4G coverage.
You can also use your account (without 4G Modem) on Connect Wifi hotspots, data used here will be taken from your monthly data cap.

Can I use my Connect 4G+ on broadband?
No you can’t use your Connect 4G+ account on broadband and you can’t use a broadband account on 4G Modem.

What frequency does Connect 4G+ use?
Connect 4G+ service uses the 700MHz (Band28) MHz frequency.

Can I use my mobile phone to access Connect 4G+?
Yes, if you are connected through WIFI to a Connect 4G+ modem. Any hand held device you can pick your Connect 4g+ modem signal from you can access the internet with.
Mobile phones which can access 700MHz (Band28) frequency can access our 4G service provided you get a 4G sim/4G plan from CONNECT/TFL.

Can I use any 4G modem for Connect 4G+?
If your modem can access 700MHz (Band28) frequency can access our 4G service provided you get a 4G sim/4G plan from CONNECT/TFL.

I have a red light on my modem what does this mean?
The SIM card is not recognized or failed to connect to a mobile network. Check to see if the sim in inserted correctly.   

What happens when I take it home after purchase and it doesn’t work?
Check to see it has been set up correctly, call 112777 to isolate.
There is a 5 working day return policy where you can return the modem within 5 working days from purchase and get your money back.

I have data available but cannot access the net?
Check on Connect Portal to see what data you have left? Remember Off-peak data can only be used during Off-peak period.

What is the warranty on the modem?
4G Modems carry a manufactures warranty for 12 months and are the responsibility of the customer during the contract. 4G Modems not covered under warranty or after warranty period will be replaced at the cost of the customer.

I have damaged/lost my SIM?
SIM replacement will cost $5.00VIP, bring your 4G Modem and ID when applying for a replacement.

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