Wake Up

Make your life easier

  • Take your medication on time!!!
  • Pick up your kids from School on time!!!
  • Attend your meetings on time!!!!
  • Avoid dissatisfaction of any kind!
  • Be on time with Auto Wake-up Call Service

Just dial a code and turn your telephone into a reliable alarm clock.

How to set the alarm:

On your telephone press 081 followed by the time you wish to set the alarm. To set your alarm, programming will only be activated if 2400-hour clock is used (e.g.
5.0 0am will be 0500(hours) and 5.00pm will be 1700(hours).


Dial: 0 8 1 0 5 0 0 # to set the alarm call for 5.00am

Your alarm call will be cancelled automatically once you answer the phone.

Auto Wake-up Charges:

Calls are charged at a rate of $0.4910 (VIP) per call

Change of time for activation will not be charged. For example if you have activated your call to 1400 hours, which you later decide to reschedule to 7pm that is 1900 hours. That won’t be charged.
Only when the final hour has been activated and the alarm rings, you will be charged

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