Connect Unifi

Telecom Fiji Limited customers with Connect Broadband accounts will now have an opportunity to use their accounts to join to any Connect Wi-Fi hotspots.

Non Telecom customers can also take advantage of this service and join a Connect Wi-Fi hotspot by obtaining a Connect Wi-Fi voucher. Unifi will make internet accessibility easier and simpler since it allows multiple users to access to the same broadband account.

Telecom Fiji Limited has also developed an android application, the first Fijian telecommunication company to have such an application. Users can download this application on their android devices and automatically join the Connect Wi-Fi network every time they near a hotspot.


Connect Hotspots

Connect Hot Spot enables your business to provide wireless Internet access to all customers and guests. The Hot Spot works on a pre-pay system, giving you 24/7 high speed Internet access. To access these Hot Spots customers will need a wireless-enabled device, which will automatically detect the Hot Spot and display instructions on how to connect – usually as simple as entering the pin numbers printed on the back of the cards. The system then provides you with Internet access for an allotted time period.

Currently Connect is offering high speed wireless connection around.



Ganilau House Lautoka Port
Samabula UNIFIJI
My Suva Park Nadi Mainstreet
Sukuna Park Lautoka Sherly Park
Suva Port Rups Nadi
Suva Bus stand LTA BA
Laucala Bay Rakiraki Market
Garden City LTA Lautoka
Victoria Parade LTA Nadi
Marks Street Jollygood Fastfood Lautoka
Waimanu Road Bulaccino Denerau
Thomson Street South Seas Club Restaurant
MH Flagstaff  
MH Tamavua  
Vivrass Plaza  
Suva Point  
Suva Private Hospital  
Hansons Supermarket  
LTA Valelevu Customer Care  
LTA Sports City  
Peace Garden  
Westpac Outlet  


Why Do I Need a Connect Hot Spot?

The value of providing wireless Internet access within hotels and other public locations has already been proven. In Fiji, a number of hotels and cafes have been using wireless for the past year. Mobile professionals, attendees of conferences and potential customers now seek out establishments that provide Internet, so that they can remain in touch wherever they travel. Hotel owners and managers are quickly realising that Hot Spot-enabling there hotel will help increase their occupancy rate, retain customer loyalty and generate a substantial revenue stream. To remain competitive in the challenging hospitality market, offering your guests Hot Spot capability provides you with a generous return for a small investment.

How Do Hot Spots Work?

The Connect Hot Spot works by distributing Internet access, delivered via a single broadband or cable connection, throughout your premises over a dedicated wireless network. The central control station provides the following functions:

Connectivity to your broadband or cable Internet connection

Wireless access to laptops within a specified range – up to 30 meters

Full management of the services, security, username, password administration, etc.

What Do I Need?

The components of a Hot Spot are:

A single low-cost broadband connection to the internet

The central control station

One or more wireless access points

Prior to installation, we will perform a survey of your premises to determine the number of access points that you will need to provide the optimum coverage.


For more information:
Call 112777 for more information on Connect Broadband Wireless HotSpot.

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