Virtual Mail Plans

Virtual mail POP Service - No need to build and support your own email server, Connect maintains the server and provides technical support. A well suited solution for offices requiring presence...See More

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. We provide the technology and services needed for the...See More


The Connect domain - allows you to have professional looking email addresses. These emails are POP emails and as long as you have an internet access you can view...See More


Panda Security products include security solutions for both businesses and home users, and provide protection tools for systems, networks, emails, and other private information for system management and control.See More

Static IP

When a username is assigned a static IP address, it does not change. The username always has the same IP address whenever it connects to the Internet. Most username use...See More


Voice2 Email is an excellent option for businesses that are spread over various locations. One of the biggest advantages of this service is the prompt delivery of voice messages from...See More

Smartlink Services

Allows you to link together your business offices telephones (office, shop and warehouse) and save on calls between offices.See More

Meet Me Conference

Meet Me Conference service enables customers to book meetings online and informs them of successful bookings with an automated generated email including the user access cost and security codeSee More

Video Conferencing Solutions

Record Conference calls and download for free. Register and track participants. Incorporate PowerPoint presentations. Host live Q & A sessionsSee More


Internet Protocol Television, more commonly known as IPTV, allows channels to be multicast via your IP network without fear of reduction in picture quality or loss of service to as...See More

Digital Signage

Digital signage has a number of benefits over traditional static signs. The most important of which include: Signage can be updated on the fly through a digital signage network without...See More

Flight Info

Providing the public with quick easy to access flight information is a prerequisite in today’s age of information. Flight information display is refreshed on the screen every 5 minutes, to...See More

Call Waiting

Call waiting is a telecommunication service offered by a telephony service provider to a subscriber by which the subscriber may suspend a telephone call already in progress to accept a second call. The subscriber...See More

Call Forwarding

Increase your availability to your callers by having the freedom of forwarding your calls to any number of your choice and never miss an important call. The Calling party pays...See More

Call Transfer

A call transfer is a telecommunications mechanism that enables a user to relocate an existing telephone call to another phone or attendant console, using a transfer button or a switch...See More

Unlisted Number

A telephone number that is intentionally not listed in telephone books. The customer has to choice to un-list their number from the Fiji Directory Listing. Once off fee per year...See More

Voice Mail

VoiceMail is a remote answering service that answers your calls when you can’t. It’s a user friendly service where by you can personalise your greetings etc.See More

Code Call Barring

Code Call barring allows you to control the types of call being made or received by simply setting your barring code on your telephone.See More

Premium Numbers

These unique dial digits simplify the services for companies that need to interact well with customers. The 112XXX, 132XXX and 1800XXX can also be used as a differentiated call product...See More

Caller ID

Caller identification shows the number of incoming calls. Caller information will appear between the first and second rings on a customer- provided display device or display telephone, giving you the...See More

0800 Toll Free

0800 Too Free numbers gives companies the business edge over competitors by: Improving customer services – clients now has an added incentive to call. Improving company’s efficiency – subscribers can...See More

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