We offer some great communication packages to the Small Medium Enterprises who are looking for something to start with. Our Consultants will help design a package that is suitable to your business requirements. So if you are looking for something affordable and reliable, the we are happy to discuss what we can offer.


From our fixed voice service, Telecom offers varied solutions to suit each business needs. Our VoIP service is not only cost effective but its ability to add new functionality and convergence with existing system enhances the way you communicate with your clients.

Value Added Service

In addition to our voice and internet services, we at Telecom offer a range of value added services that can help you get even more out of our services that can help you get even more out of your voice services. Call recording in the cloud makes it easier for you to store, find and retrieve recorded conversation. We help you manage your voice infrastructure and costs.


We provide Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to residential and business customers. Such equipment includes cable, satellite, broadband internet routers and Cloud PBX which provides customers with a fully managed and feature rich Cloud PBX solution eliminating upfront cost of deploying and acquiring an on-site PABX system.
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