Meet Me Conference

Booking Fee – Conference Bridge

Business Benefits: Meet with clients, both locally and internationally on daily basis to speed up business decisions, cuts travel costs and allowing workers to be more productive by not having to go out-of-office for meetings, saves up time which can be used for other productive purposes giving convenient, fast and efficient connections.


8 Callers Conference
16 Callers Conference
24 Callers Conference
$52.60 VIP
$74.12 VIP
$95.92 VIP


17c per minute (VIP) rate for calls within Telecom network. Conference available in 60 minute blocks


  • Multiple Conference room
  • Web based bookings
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Cost-control
  • Increases productivity

Meet Me Conference service enables customers to book meetings online and informs them of successful bookings with an automated generated email including the user access cost and security code.

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