Telecom’s IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) enables your business to connect all of your sites and remote branches into a single, cost effective, and secure and efficient company-wide data and communication network.

IPVPN is a network based solution overTelecom’s IP infrastructure, utilizing Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS); a state of the art advanced switching technology.


What is MPLS and What it Does?

With an MPLS network you can combine different types of data (hence the multi-protocol) onto one network. Your business can run VoIP, application data like ERP, Edi Citrix, POS and Human Resource Management software, internet access, a secure multi location LAN etc. at the same time over the same network.

Not only can this save you money by combining these different networks into on MPLS network, it also greatly reduces the cost and resources of managing these networks.

With Telecom’s IPVPN service able to handle all types of data and communications traffic such as voice, multi-media and interactive technologies and the ability to distinguish between the high priority traffic (such as voice and video) and non-critical traffic such as emails, this opens up new opportunities for your business to deliver and impress your customers effectively and efficiently.


  • Bandwidth on Demand 
    Bandwidth on Demand helps you lower your daily operating costs by enabling you to purchase additional bandwidth as and when you need it, thus optimizing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    With the needs of the customers rapidly changing your business must change also and Telecom provides the flexibility to scale the services and increase the performance as these needs evolve.
  • Disaster Recovery
    With any-to-any connectivity for all points on the network, traffic can be easily diverted to any other location on the network in the event a particular network node becomes unavailable. This means that with proper planning, if your primary site were to go down the network will reroute the traffic from the branch offices to the secondary site automatically
  • Access technology Independent
    A mix of access technologies (copper, fiber, Wireless) can be used in a customer network.
  • Proactive Network management
    Telecom will be aware of issues such as link failures instantly allowing faster fault resolution.Telecom will also provide monthly network statistics such as the Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, Bandwidth traffic which will allow you to make informed decision.
  • Industry standard security
    Inherent MPLS network-based security that ensures the integrity and availability of communication across the network.
  • Self Monitoring of Network Performance
    Allows customers to view real-time stats of their network and extract reports on key performance metrics such as latency, bandwidth utilization, uptime, etc. allowing you to make informed decisions on traffic allocation and network usage


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