Telecom’s IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a private point to point circuit that can be used by an organization to communicate between their offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world,Telecom’s IPLC can be used to exchange business data, video conferencing and any other form of telecommunications.



  • 24-hour Access:

As the leased line circuits provide a permanent dedicated link, organizations can be in constant and immediate contact with their regional and international offices. Round the clock day-in and day-out.

This uninterrupted communications access also enables customers to arrange traffic schedules and staffing to suit their organization’s requirements

  • Full Duplex operation:

IPLC serves as an ideal communication pathway for businesses that regularly require simultaneously sending and receiving large volume of traffic worldwide. IPLC thus saves time and eliminates the inconvenience of waiting to send while receiving traffic and vice versa.

  • Speeds:

Telecom can provide a wide range of IPLCs transmission speeds, from 512Kbps to 155Mbps at nxE1’s to cater for all applications, which are seamless and cost-effective migration paths into the future with highly reliable core network and added resilience for critical communications links.


Business Benefits

  • Cost Saving:

IPLC customers are charged a fixed monthly rental irrespective of usage. The more a circuit is used, the more economical it becomes.

  • Choice of operating speed:

IPLC offers a wide variety of operating speeds to suit customer’s needs. These speeds can be easily upgraded as and when the volume of traffic grows in the future.

  • OSS:

Telecom has simplified the IPLC ordering and billing via a concept called One Stop Shopping(OSS). Where an organization places a single order withTelecom for two private leased circuits for two offices in two different countries thus simplifying the order process for the organization.

  • Single Point of Contact:

OSS consolidates the billing for both circuits into a single invoice, handles all currency issues into a single invoice, handles all currency issues, and allows the organization to report all problems from either end of the circuit to Telecom.

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