Dedicated Lease Line

Key Features

  • Flexible Bandwidths – Telecom offers dedicated bandwidth available from 64kbps to 10Mbps. Many other bandwidths are supported.
  • Reliability -Telecom has a target time to repair a fault on our network within a maximum of four hours of it being reported, reducing down time and keeping it minimum.
  • Security -Telecom’s Leased line will offer a secure and direct connection between sites. With Internet VPNs customers data is going across a public network. With the leased Line connection,Telecom will install a private line that connects the customer directly to their local exchange, keeping their data private and secure
  • Data – Secure private data networks can be established to provide intelligent routing, resilience and diagnostic features, when supported by multiplexers and data switches.
  • Voice – a private voice network can be established between IPPBX
  • Video – video conferencing is also supported

Business Benefits

  • No Hidden Costs- the fixed monthly rental is calculated according to the distance and bandwidth requirements between sites.
  • Flexibility – we can provide a Leased line to anywhere in major centers in Fiji main Islands. Where sites are outside our network are we utilise Telecom’s other services for a high quality end to end service.
  • Scalability – a range of Flexible bandwidth options to suit customer needs and scaled to meet their growth requirements which can be easily upgraded upon request.
  • Security – sole use of the Private Circuit band width means that no other organisation can access the customers virtual data. Consistent transmission of data through out at all times.
  • Definite Point to Point Connectivity or transmission of data from one point to another nationally or internationally.
  • A Leased Line connection from Telecom is a high performance solution that can be used to transport data, internet, voice or video traffic between two designated sites.
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