Telecom’s IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a private point to point circuit that can be used by an organization to communicate between their offices that are geographically dispersed throughout...See More


With an MPLS network you can combine different types of data (hence the multi-protocol) onto one network. Your business can run VoIP, application data like ERP, Edi Citrix, POS and...See More


Telecom Fiji's IPLINK Service enables your business to connect all of your sites and remote branches into a single, cost effective network. Telecom Fiji's IPLINK Service is a network based...See More

Dedicated Internet

This service is for businesses that require secure, high speed dedicated internet access DIA delivers speeds from 128kbit/s up and 2Mbit/s. This service is uncontended and synchronous meaning that you...See More

Dedicated Lease Line

Telecom Fiji offers dedicated bandwidth available from 64kbps to 10Mbps. Dedicated Lease lines will offer a secure and direct connection between sites. With internet VPNs customers data is going across...See More

Metro Ethernet

Point to Point Ethernet provides Fractional Ethernet/ Fast and Gigabit Ethernet service which is the ideal high bandwidth and cost effective point to point networking solution. Customers get secure Ethernet...See More

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