Thinking of  your job/career goals?

Focus on developing knowledge and skills for your current position and for future job opportunities
Think about how to better utilize your strengths, talents, experience, and passion in your work

After you have made a career decision, it is time to plan how you will carry out that decision. A career plan with Telecom Fiji Limited will provide you with a vision, structure, direction, and motivation for your future career development. When we think of career development planning, we think of the goals or action items that we feel we need to do to move our careers forward.

We at Telecom Fiji Limited understand that having a career may not be enough and so we make it our mission to ensure that you grow within the organisation and that the proper motivation and encouragement is given to help you achieve your goals while you are still with the company. So welcome to the proud Telecom Family and if you are interested in joining our diverse team, this is the place to find out more about careers at Telecom Fiji Limited.

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