Strategic Excellence Awards– Building Team 2020

12 Aug, 2017

CEO’s Welcome Address
Telecom Fiji Limited Strategic Excellence Awards – Building Team 2020
Saturday 12th August, 2017 at 6.30pm
Novotel Entertainment Centre, Lami

  • Hon. Attorney General and Minister for Economy, Public Enterprises, Civil Service and Communications, Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum;
  • Hon. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Mr. Jone Usamate;
  • ATH Group Chairman, Mr Ajith Kodagoda
  • Telecom Fiji Limited Board Chairman, Mr. Umarji Musa
  • Respected Board Members;
  • CEO of ATH Mr Ivan Fong
  • Members of the Media;
  • Staff and Management of Telecom Fiji Limited.

Good Evening!

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Telecom Fiji’s Awards Night for “Building Team 2020”. This program was launched last year to build and shape the next generation leaders of Telecom Fiji to take up the challenges of the coming decade and it places special emphasis on Innovation and Customer Service Excellence. TFL staff award scheme has got two streams. Under Strategic & Business Excellence Award, TFLrecognizes teams who had contributed outstandingly through an Innovative Program or a Solution to Save Cost, Increase Revenue, Retain Customers, Reduce Revenue Leakage, Improve Processes, Diversify Products and Improve Network Resiliency. In this award scheme we foster team building.

Under Customer Service Excellence Award, TFL recognizes high performing front liners in Customer facing divisions such as CSRs, Sales Staff and Field Technical Teams to create a Customer centric culture in the organization. Front Liners are TFL’s public face. Customer’s first impression is created by them and they all understand the heartbeat of the customer.

Ladies and Gentleman, Liberalization, Deregulation and transparent spectrum allocations, initiated by this Government rejuvenated the Telecom Industry bringing immense benefits to the People of Fiji. Announcement of Broadband Policy in way back in 2011 and other steps taken by the Fiji Government helped to place Fiji ahead of most Pacific Island countries making Fiji the Telecommunications Hub in Pacific.

I must take this opportunity, to welcome and thank our chief guest for the evening, Hon. Attorney General and Minister for Economy, Public Enterprises, Civil Service and Communications, Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for accepting our humble invitation. Sir, your presence here this evening is testament of the commitment and support of your Government has towards Telecommunications industry, and we are grateful to work in line with your objectives of providing telecommunication and internet access to the people of Fiji.

I would also like to show my respect and gratitude to the Hon. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Mr. Jone Usamate for taking his time out for our event tonight. Your constructive suggestions on Employee engagement and improving the wellbeing of our staff had helped TFL immensely to maintain good relation with our staff. Your presence here this evening speaks volume of your support and thank you for your kindness.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are here tonight, to thank and reward all those who have tirelessly contributed towards reaching the objectives of our organisation. I can proudly say that we are progressing towards achieving the goals outlined in our three year Business Plan. We achieved another profitable business year in 2016-2017, recording a net profit before tax growth of nearly 40%. Ladies and Gentlemen, this would not have been possible without your support, your dedication.

Last year we faced a lot of critical challenges, TC Winston had extensively damaged our network infrastructure; as an organisation we stood strong and worked tirelessly to overcome these challenges. We have come a long way and we stand strong in our will and commitment to provide Fiji with the best telecommunication and internet solutions. We very well understand the transformative power of Telephony, Broadband and Internet as an enabler of Social and Economic growth of Fiji and its immense capabilities as a tool to empower Fijians.

Ladies and Gentleman, TFL is in the midst of transformation. In the last few years, TFL transitioned from its position as an incumbent operator to a player in a very competitive environment. During this transition, we have had to speed up in our Time to Market, become customer centric while introducing various technologies that enable us to leapfrog our legacy infrastructures. We had problems with obsolete network technologies that had high maintenance cost and poor service delivery. After making the company profitable and self-sustaining, we embarked on a journey of transitioning TFL to the future progressively. We are doing this transition in an orderly, gradual, meticulous and most importantly in a cost effective manner.

TFL started building capacity, upgrading to achieve better speeds and performance using multiple access technologies such as ADSL, Ultra-Fast Broadband services like VDSL, FTTH, GPON on Fixed Wireline and WiFi, LTE / 4G+ and Satellite on Wireless technologies, in order to cater to the demands of different market segments. All these technologies are complementary solutions, not replacing one for the other. Under Fixed Wireline network upgrades, we bring the mini exchanges and fibre closer to premises and nearly 70% of populated areas have been upgraded to IP technologies progressively, dismantling the old TDM technology. This is the Fiji’s version of NBN and once completed Fiji’s Telecom infrastructure will be placed on par with the developed nation. Last year we completed the roll out of 4G and WiFi. This year we undertook a major transformation project to increase capacity of our Satellite infrastructure to empower Fijians in far flung areas of Fiji. This upgrade will enable programs such as distance learning, maritime safety and emergency services which are critical for our remote and rural communities.

We have always stood strong to reflect the initiatives of the Fiji Government, as a Fijian owned company we firmly believe in supporting the Fijian Made Campaign. The applications developed by the award winners are truly Fiji Made; all our applications are developed by our in-house developers who have been educated in Fiji. This just goes to show that we are talented and have the ability to contribute towards the advancement of Fiji.

All these new projects and the ones that are currently part of our three year business plan will and has only been possible through our human resource. The people of Telecom Fiji are our biggest asset and recognizing your importance was long overdue. The Board and Management of Telecom Fiji takes this opportunity to thank you for your patience and loyalty for all these years. You have stood by us even at times of adversity. TFL will definitely recognize your commitment and dedication.

All the Award winners work as a team and they cannot function in isolation. They function as Cogs in the Wheel. As Customer Service Units, Engineering, IT and Support functions work in harmony, you all become winners and Congratulate winners and non-winners.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your attendance and wish you all a very pleasant evening.

Vinaka Vakalevu

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